Xiaomi Redmi K20/K20 pro alpha sale: explained

Alpha sale explained

Xiaomi is trying new method this time for selling the redmi k20 and k20 pro. Alpha sale is term used for pre-booking or getting pass for first sale of K20/K20 pro on 17 july. Only the pass-holders will be able to buy the phone on 17 and 18 july. All others have to wait for the next sale date. You can buy the alpha sale pass on 12 july from 12 PM.

The alpha sale pass is of 855 rupees and the pass holders will be offered an instant discount of 855 of the purchase price at the time of purchase.

If the holders are not able to buy the desired model or do not want to buy the phone, the amount will be refunded to the user’s associated bank account. The refund process will take 5-7 days.

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